Section at the southern slope of the Wochenberg hill (modified after Rieber 1963, fig. 2 [Profil c]; the beds below the Wilflingen-Bank were not studied). The Obere Wilflingen-Bank is separately shown in Fig. 4. (W. F. = Wedelsandstein Formation, Sow.-Ool. = Sowerbyi-Oolith, Staufensis-B. und St.-B. = Staufensis-Bank, ?Sinon-B. = ?Sinon-Bank, Ob. Wilflingen-B. und oWB = Obere Wilflingen-Bank, Unt. Wilflingen B. und uWB = Untere Wilflingen-Bank, Subz. = Subzone, Murch. = Murchisonae, Co.= Concavum, St-B = Staufensis-Bank).

  Part of: Dietze V, Hofbauer A, Rieber H, Wannenmacher N, Schweigert G (2022) Ammonites and stratigraphy of the Achdorf Formation (Braunjura Group; Aalenian) at the Wochenberg hill near Schömberg-Schörzingen (W Swabian Alb, SW Germany). Zitteliana 96: 69-101.